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All songs by Nikki Borodi

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Cookie Marenco

ESE LogoExtended Sound
Environment (E.S.E.)

Nikki Borodi: Vocals, Piano, Ukelele

Photo by Laura Williams

Released 2012

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When I was seven years old I was taken to a Madonna concert. With lights whirling and an ocean of voices increasing by the second in anticipation she finally exalted the release of the crowd as she ran across the stage. This was the moment when my little jaw dropped to my shaking knees and I realized my life’s projection.

Now years later I am still passionate about developing the crafts of songwriter, performer and aerialist. I live to to love and love through my art. I feel my purpose on this planet is to inspire by living as fully as I can and expressing myself creatively in ways that reflect onto those that come across my path.

Currently I am focusing on writing and recording music where I sing, play piano and ukelele. My main accompaniment is with Cello Joe, Cello/beat-boxer and Jbox Rhythms also on beat-box. I'm experimenting with where to keep it raw and simple and where to add additional layers to elevate what is already there, constantly dancing on a line between the details that can either enhance or distract.

-- Nikki Borodi, from her website