Glass: Live at Grace Cathedral | Emily Palen

Emily Palen - Glass: Live at Grace Cathedral - Valence Records - Cover Image

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Emily Palen: Violin

Produced by Gregory James

Recorded live at Grace Cathedral,
San Francisco by Cookie Marenco
using Extended Sound
ESE LogoEnvironment (E.S.E.)
Mixed & Mastered
by Cookie Marenco
at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA
DSD Operator: Patrick O'Connor
DSD Assistance: Gus Skinas
ESE Asst.: Jean Claude Reynaud
Asst. Engineers: Patrick O'Connor, Tim Jones, Gene Bryan Johnson, Mike Howles, Paulo Horn

Photos: David Papas
Album Layout: Patrick O'Connor
Director of Artist Development:
Gene Bryan Johnson

Released 2012
Valence Records

Glass is an album of complete on the spot improvisations. My only intention was to be honest. The Inevitability of Water title was intuited and remains my favorite. To claim I can explain its meaning would probably cut it short but it points to the base, essential nature of water. Water is primal to our makeup, to our planet. Its gentle and relentless quality is unmatched by any other substance. Water is life as is love. Perhaps water and love are the same.