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All compositions by
Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris
(Advance Systems Pub. Co./BMI)

The Original Soundtrack to the film
"L'Amour Caché / L'Amore Nascosto"
Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris

Kenney Wollesen - Percussion/Vibraphone
Nicole Federici - Viola
Ha-Yang Kim - Cello
Shelley Bergen - Harp
Bill Ware - Vibraphone
Eric Clark – Violin
Nadi - Alto & Bass Flute
Okkyung lee - Cello
Roberto Pitre – Flute
Loren Leventer –Violin
Shoko Nagai - Piano
Christof Knoche - Bass Clarinet
Kirk Knuffke - Trumpet

Recorded at Loho Studio, New York
November 27-29, 2006
Mixed and Mastered by
Cookie Marenco at
OTR Studios, 2010
to DSD (Direct Stream Digital)

Portrait photo by Rossetti Phocus

Released 2010
Valence Records

*Track 22 - Triumph Dark Reprise is identical audio to Track 1, following the sequence of the CD Release. It is included as a discreet track in the Complete Album Downloads.

Butch Morris - Original Soundtrack from the Film "L'Amour Caché / L'Amore Nascosto"
Starring Isabelle Huppert, Greta Scacchi & Melanie Laurent