Heart Drum

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The Valence Project Is:
Blucube, Brain, Kai Eckhardt, Gregory James, Patrick O'Connor, Emily Palen, Melissa Reese, Baron Shul

Produced by:
Gregory James & Cookie Marenco


All songs written by BluCube, Gregory James, Patrick O'Connor & Melissa Reese
Except Full Moon in Scorpio & Ojos Melados also written by Baron Shul

©® 2015 Trading Range Publishing (BMI), That's Right Frankie Publishing (BMI), Tone Science Music (BMI), Shulshock Music (ASCAP)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios assisted by Tim Jones, Albert Llaguno, and Patrick O'Connor

BluCube: FX; Brain: Drums & Programming; Kai Eckhardt: Bass, Gregory James: Guitars and Oud; Patrick O'Connor: Guitar & Programming; Emily Palen: Violin, Melissa Reese: Vocals, Piano & Programming; Baron Shul: Flute

Photos by David Papas; Cover Design by Gregory James & Patrick O'Connor

Gregory James would like to thank Al Milburn, Luthier and Guitar Repair
Gregory James uses Two-Rock Amplifiers

Melissa: I think most of all I would like to thank all the SF hotspots that Greg late-night kicks it at for instigating all of his antics and dramzy soap opera life ---------> the main inspiration and backbone of the record!!! I also want to thank Häagen-Dazs Snap Chat, and Afrin (nasal division) whose products held me down and gave me what I needed to put my all into these tracks!!! Lastly, I want to thank my TVP mains- Cookie, Patrick, Brain, Kai, Emily, Barry, and a special shoutout to the OG - Greg J, who makes all things possible and lets us fly...

Brain would like to thank:
Frank, Frankie, Norman, both Akis, Poppi, and all my TVP band mates... I love you guys!!!

Brain's endorsements: DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Pork Pie Drums

Kai Eckhardt appears courtesy of Area61 Records (ASCAP) and endorses basses by Kenya Guitars and Amplifiers/Cabinets by Warwick

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